Saturday, March 26, 2011

Promote Your Blog or Organization

As a pizza delivery driver, I tend to lose a lot of pens.  I can't tell you how many times I have handed a pen to a customer to sign a credit card slip and ended up not getting my pen back or having to ask to get it back.  Around the house, I never seem to be able to find a pen when I need one.  That is one of the reasons I like when banks or other businesses have promotional pens available for their customers.

Businesses are not the only organizations that can benefit from having promotional items.  Charities can help build awareness of their cause with a wide variety of promotional items like magnets, tote bags, coffee mugs and just about anything else imaginable.  Schools can get personalized pencils printed up for their students and teachers.  My fellow bloggers can even promote their blogs with various promotional items for every budget.

The promotional products business has changed a lot over the years.  It used to be you could only get a basic pen or pencil with just the name of your organization stamped on it.  Now, companies like Amsterdam Printing can provide much more elaborate items with graphics on more upscale items.  You can find a lot of graphic resources for backgrounds on line.  This month, Amsterdam Printing has a promotion to give you 20% off of your order.  Check them out today. 
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  1. Dickster--

    We need our own line of promo items, except why promo when folks may buy them?

    Your 'Random Thoughts' and my done(isms)...We could be the next contestants on 'Celebrity Apprentice'


  2. time to open our own cafe press store, Don

  3. People like a pencil, when compared to pens as they are able to bring out the creative abilities of an individual.



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