Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tracking My Carbs

Image representing MyFitnessPal as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseOne week ago, I had posted about using The Carbohydrate Curve as outlined in "The Primal Blueprint" as a guide for losing weight.  At the time, I had come to the realization that some food products that I thought would be better for me in my weight lost quest, actually were hindering my progress.  I immediately cut those products out of my eating and began concentrating more on the number of carbs in the foods that I was eating.

I switched from drinking my 100% juice drink that contained 52gr of carbohydrates to drinking Vitamin Water Zero or other drinks that contained little or no carbohydrate.   Over the next few days, my stalled weight loss had started up again.  In the week since I made that switch, I have already lost another 3 pounds.  I have now become a true believer in the idea of limiting my carb intake in order to lose weight. 

In the past, I have never been one to read nutritional labels, but it is now becoming an obsession with me.  After discovering that the juice I was drinking contained 52 grams of carbs, I decided to see if there were other things that I was eating that would add unnecessary carbs.  There have been a couple other products that I had been using that I have found that I can change and further reduce my carb intake each day.

One of the things that I have been eating consistently at work has been a salad with a little bit of baked chicken in it.  In my new zealousness of reading labels, I found that the light versions of the salad dressings that I had been using contained more carbs than the regular variety.  For instance a serving of regular bleu cheese dressing has 1gr of carbs while the light has 6gr.  One of the light salad dressings that I was using had 8gr of carbs per serving.  It is no longer on my shopping list.

Right now, I am becoming more dedicated to keeping my carbs in the 50-100gr per day as recommended in The Carbohydrate Curve.  I downloaded a cool app for my android operated phone from  It has a pretty cool feature where I can scan a UPC bar on a product and it will pull in all of the nutritional information and add it to my daily food diary.  You can also search thousands of products to easily track and add foods to my daily food diary.

Currently, I am down to about 210lbs.  I have lost between 15-20 pounds since I started to change my eating habits.  According to a lot of the weight charts, my ideal body weight should be around 170 pounds.  I am not sure I want to lose that much weight, but I would like to get down to 180 pounds eventually.  I have a formal affair to attend for my son's school.  I had hoped to hit 200 pounds before it, but since it is just two weeks away, I don't think that will happen.  However, I think I can definitely get there by Memorial Day.
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  1. I'm very impressed! I'm not quite the heaviest I've ever been, but I'm not very motivated to try to lose anything right now. I'm still within normal ranges for my height/age, but I don't like where I am. Not enough to fix it, apparently.

  2. As long as you are within normal ranges, I wouldn't feel pressured to change unless it becomes a motivating factor for you. If you pay any attention to those body mass charts, I would technically be considered obese, though I don't think I look anything like I would picture an obese person to look like.

  3. Thank you for the website! I downloaded it yesterday to my phone. I stayed within goal yesterday too!



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