Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...Image via WikipediaI am not a fan of Donald Trump.  He obviously is a very successful business man, but his personality just rubs me the wrong way.  The Donald has been making the rounds and making it clear that he is considering a run to be a Republican nominee to face Barack Obama in 2012 for the presidency.  To date, polls are showing Trump performing well among the other possible candidates for the GOP. 

As I said, I have never been a big fan of Trump.  The idea that this man could be considered a serious contender for the Republican nominee for president makes my skin crawl.  Things that I have heard him say in the past had led me to believe that he tended to lean more to the liberal side of the spectrum than in towards the conservative side.

During my commutes to and from work during the week, I usually listen to WMAL 630 talk radio.  In the evening, I catch a good bit of the last hour of Sean Hannity's radio show, and depending on how bad traffic is, the start of the Mark Levin show.  On Friday nights, when I am out delivering pizza, I get to hear more of Levin's show.

On last night's show, Levin spent a great deal of time talking about Trump and the idea of him running as a Republican.  Levin's research and analysis further cemented my belief that Trump can not be the Republican nominee.  It started with a list of candidates that Trump had made campaign contributions to.  You would not think that somebody who proclaims to be a Republican would be making donations to the campaigns of Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Anthony Weiner, but he did.

Levin also played several sound bites of Trump spouting his praise of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and his criticisms of George W. Bush.  Trump has expressed his support for universal health care.  Mark Levin has posted a summary of the things he spoke about last night on his Facebook page called "Donald Chump and his Spin."  It really shows that Trump is all about Trump and is not what the Republican Party needs. 
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  1. Methinks "The Donald" is adhering to the relatively new rule of, "any publicity is good publicity," and his candidacy for president is not serious. On the other hand, he is not being anymore ridiculous than most of the other potential candidates, who are acting awfully serious.

  2. While Levin thinks the Donald's a chump, Savage thinks he's the only one with guts to save this nation. I like both of these hosts, so I'll do a bit more thinking. But, forget Fox, Obama has them under his control. - And, Bloomberg / Reagan changed parties. So why can't Trump change his mind after 2 years? Hopefully many others saw the light also.

  3. Fish, I think you are correct about the publicity

    John, I can only believe that he is an opportunist and nothing more

  4. Dickster - Keep your opinions to yourself. (Just joking of course).

    Well, I do hope that he is serious and then, we'll see what happens in his election bid.

    Birthers all the way!

  5. let me just add, John, that if given the choice between Trump and the current occupant of the White House, I would choose Trump. It is still early in the campaigning so there is a long way to go til 2012



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