Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandes Titulos

Most of the time, I consider myself to be a fairly mature and sophisticated man of reasonably high intelligence.  The key phrase being most of the time.  Because, let's face it.  I am a guy.  As a guy, I have the capability of being quite juvenile on occasions. 

There is no telling what might bring about these bouts of juvenile behavior.  Sometimes it can be as simple as hearing a particular word like "duty."  It can bring about a rather immature Beavis and Butthead type response.  Ha ha, he said duty (doodie).  Real mature, right?

One such incident that brought about one of those juvenile responses is the picture of the sign seen here.  Now I took about five years of Spanish in school.  While my Spanish is extremely rusty, I still know enough to understand that there is nothing the least bit risque about the phrase "Grandes Titulos en Espanol" as depicted in the sign. Especially with the English translation right below it.

However, being a guy, and being prone to juvenile behavior, the phrase "Grandes Titulos" prompted me to interact with one of my like minded coworkers.  He-He, that sign says Grandes Titulos.  After all grande means large and well titulos must mean.... well you get the idea.
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  1. I must admit that this was a titillating article. (Hey, you started it!)



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