Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lifeline TNT Fitness Cables

I had come to the realization when I began my quest to lose weight and to feel better that changing my diet was not going to be enough to fully accomplish my goal.  When I was younger and I didn't have a long commute, I was basically a gym rat.  I would spend a few hours a week lifting weights and participating in sports.

The last few years, as my commute got longer and my funds got shorter, I basically became a couch potato. About the only exercise that I would get was when I would do some yard work, or if I needed to shovel snow in the winter.  I couldn't afford a gym membership, and even if I could, I didn't want to spend my limited free time in the gym when I could be home with family.

I am not making excuses; it is what it is.  When I first started, the diet alone was working great.  Usually, that is how it works.  Early in diet change is when you lose weight the quickest.  Over the last couple weeks, the weight loss has been slower.  So I knew that I was eventually going to have to begin an exercise program.

The question is, what type of exercise program that would fit in with my finances and lifestyle.  I still do not have the money for a gym membership, so that is out.  I considered getting a home gym like the Total Gym or the Joe Weider equivalent, but I was concerned that it would end up in the basement collecting dust.

A few days ago while running some errands, I stopped by the local Sports Authority to more or less window shop and look for prices.  It was there that I came across Lifeline USA's TNT Fitness Cables.  They looked interesting, but I wanted to do a little research on them before buying them.  I came home and found some positive reviews so I went back the next day to buy them.  At a cost of $30, they did not break the bank, and I can workout while watching television.

I have to confess that when I was an active weight lifter that I was definitely a bit of a snob when it came to exercise equipment.  A set of resistance bands could never give as good a workout as weights.  These days, I no longer have visions of being ripped with bulging biceps.  Instead, I just want to be leaner and toned.  I have had a couple of workout with the bands, and I can definitely feel the muscles working.

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