Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Stress Head

chinese health ballsImage by Thais Silvestre via FlickSometimes when I am feeling particularly stressed out, I pick up a pair of Chinese exercise balls, also known as Baoding Iron balls.  There is something therapeutic in rolling the balls in my hand and hearing their distinctive chime as you perform the exercises.  I have a couple of pairs of baoding balls, including a really nice set that is painted with a dragon design.

I also have a lot of those cheap little stress balls that you can sometimes find for free as promotional items.  I have some that are shaped like different sports balls like footballs.  Once I got one from a dairy company that was shaped like a cow.  I received one from an airline shaped like a plane. 

All of them take quite a beating from me as I squeeze them tightly to take the stress off.  This weekend, I found one online that I would love to get my hands on.  The Weekly Standard has available on their website The Barack Obama Stress Head.  I can just imagine having it in my hands the next time he gives one of his speeches.  In addition to the Obama Stress Head, they have the Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Stress Heads.  I do have to warn you though, the Pelosi one is pretty scary looking.
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  1. I think I will order them all and then let a Pitt Bull tear them to bits.

    Now that relieves stress....Woooossssaaaaa...

    Happy Trails.

  2. do they make then in the form of republicans as well?? Just askin.



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