Saturday, April 30, 2011

William, Kate, and the Local News

T-shirt of William and Kate's weddingImage by Ben Sutherland via FlickrI was hoping by now that I would be able to stop hearing about the royal wedding of Will and Kate.  Unfortunately it seems that no matter where I go, I am still being bombarded with people talking about the wedding.  So many of the other blogs and news sites that I visit all have something posted about the wedding.  At least there have been baseball games and NASCAR on television today, so at least in that aspect it has slowed somewhat.

I did not watch the wedding on television yesterday.  I had absolutely no desire or interest to do so.  For weeks, all I could see on the broadcast news was stuff leading up to the blessed event.  To be perfectly honest, I was sick of hearing about them.  In fact, yesterday morning I was slightly perturbed that my local news broadcast was preempted for coverage of the wedding.  I would have much preferred to hear my local weather and traffic info.  I could not even turn on Fox News last night when I got home from delivering pizza because they were rebroadcasting the wedding.

I have no animosity towards Prince William and his lovely bride.  I wish them much health and happiness for many years to come.  It is just that I personally do not understand the fascination that folks have with the royal family, much like I don't understand the fascination people have with the Kennedy clan.  Besides, didn't the US fight the Revolutionary War to get out from under the tyranny of the royals?  Just kidding folks, don't get your knickers all in a bunch about it.

Speaking of local news, there is something that has been bugging me of late.  I realize that the nature of local news broadcasts allows for the occasional human interest story or fluff pieces.  I do not really have a problem with that per se.  Some of it I find highly worthwhile, like Barbara Harrison and her Wednesday's Child stories on the local NBC affiliate.  Instead, I am talking about the newscasts pimping the television shows on the network under the guise of news.

For instance, every week, the local Fox affiliate does a bit on the newscast pimping their show "Glee."  They have a radio host come on and they discuss that night's episode and talk about things to look for on upcoming episodes.  Aside from the royal wedding, I have been seeing a lot of promotions on NBC for their new show "The Voice."  The day of the premiere, the local NBC affiliate did their fair share of pimping of that show.  Maybe it is just me being cranky, but those types of things just don't seem to fit a news broadcast.
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  1. Dear Dickster,
    When my wife heard a news reporter say that probably 90% of the estimated 2 billion who watched the various broadcasts of the wedding were women, she rolled her eyes, but when I said that there are probably at least a billion men out there who would dearly love to see a whole lot more of Kate, I got a real dirty look. Did I say something wrong?
    In The Doghouse Again Without A Clue

  2. women have a way of doing that. regarding your comment about me wanting to see a lot more of Kate, I personally see nothing wrong with it. I considered being a bit rascally and making a comment about wanting to see the honeymoon video if there were to be one, but I thought better of it



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