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2012 Presidential Debates

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This post was originally posted the night of the Fox News Republican Debate.  It was started on the Blogger Android App and finished on my laptop and is the post that was deleted as mentioned in my Gone Mobile post.  I found a copy of the post on my Facebook Notes page.

We are currently 18 months away from the 2012 Presidential election. Since the night that Barack Obama defeated John McCain, Republicans and/or conservatives have been anxiously awaiting the 2012 campaign to try to make Obama a one term president. Since I acknowledge that I am not a fan of the current president's policies (the bin Laden affair notwithstanding) I count myself among those who have been looking forward to 2012.

I consider myself to be more of a Libertarian (more in the ilk of Neil Boortz as opposed to Ron Paul) but I am registered as a Republican. In Maryland, you can only vote in the primary of the party that you are registered. The Libertarian Party at this time just does not have what it takes in terms of numbers to put forth a viable Presidential nominee. For that reason, I take great interest in the campaign to become the Republican nominee.

As I said, we are 18 months away from the actual 2012 election. As far as the primaries are concerned, the Iowa caucuses will take place in January of next year, along with the first primary in New Hampshire. Since we are a full seven months ahead of any real contests, and not all potential candidates have declared, it strikes me as somewhat odd that Fox News will be broadcasting the first GOP Presidential debates tonight at 9pm Eastern from South Carolina.

For tonight's debate, the following potential candidates will be participating: Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, current Texas Congressman Ron Paul, businessman Herman Cain, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. I know a little about each of them, and want to learn more, but have to wonder if it is a little too soon for a Presidential debate, especially since not all potential candidates will be there.

Several big names will not be in attendance, such as former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, and others. I have not yet decided whether or not I will watch the debate. It just seems too early for me. Of those that are participating, I do like aspects of each candidate, some more than others. Cain, Pawlenty, and Santorum are the three that I definitely would like to see do well. I am not sure whether Paul or Johnson could make strong national candidates.
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  1. Dickster-
    I have not heard anyone say it until this post, I too felt it a little odd' that fox did this 'debate'.

    Nonetheless a few things did pop at me. Gary Johnson [humorous] struck me as like a deer in the headlights when they get brighter. Ron Paul...God love him, but not a chance[again]for reasons right/wrong. Tim Pawlenty [BLEW IT] for me. The man can't answer a straight question in the first2.5 minutes of talking. Rick Santorum good Conservative, for me carries 'gravitas'....

    HERMAN CAIN BURIED THEM ALL! He is my candidate [for now]. Like you say way too early to call!

    My disappointment stemmed from those who did not show. With voters short attention spans it won't matter to those with short attention spans.

    Like my Daddy used to say..."We will see what we will see".


  2. There is still a lot of time to decide, Don. I have been a fan of Herman Cain for some time now. Johnson and Paul just have too much of a kookiness factor for lack of a better term for wide spread appeal.

  3. I really liked a lot of things that Ron Paul had to say, but he is an isolationist, which is not a policy that I want to see us return to. As with you-all, I am very impressed with Herman Cain, and Gary Johnson reminds me so much of Austin Pendleton, especially in his role as the court-appointed defense attorney in "My Cousin Vinny."



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