Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arnold Redux

I want to apologize in advance if anybody finds this post to be shallow, superficial, or in any way sexist. With that disclaimer, let me begin my thoughts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the first, nor will he be the last, man to ever get caught having an adulterous affair.  Originally, I would have been content with my post from a couple of days ago and would have been happy to let the whole issue pass without another comment.  However, as is often the case, there have been more revelations that have lead me to want to comment further.

More has been learned about the woman who worked in the Schwarzenegger household and gave birth to Arnold's love child.  Her name and photos have been released and have appeared on various outlets, the first of which I believe was  It has been the release of those photos that have led me to post on the subject matter, and which led to my disclaimer above.

Maria Shriver is a beautiful woman.  The "other" woman is, to put it tactfully, not quite as beautiful.  Now, I realize that relationships are a very complicated thing, and there are a lot of variables involved, physical beauty being just one.  When Arnold had his dalliance and impregnated the other woman,  he and Maria must have been getting along, because she herself was pregnant by The Sperminator.  Below is a side by side look at the two of them.

In looking at the two women, it made me think WTF was Arnold thinking.  He has a beautiful woman at home who is also an extremely intelligent woman.  What more could a man ask for?  Why fuck it up with somebody that really doesn't hold a candle to Maria?

I just do not understand the way some men think, and I am one myself.  It made me think of another famous male celebrity who was in a relationship with one of the world's most beautiful women, and got caught with a prostitute.  Remember Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley?  As Jay Leno asked Grant, "What the HELL were you thinking?"  Which would you choose?
I am sure there are other examples that we could site, but I would leave with one more comparison.  In this particular case, while I do not condone the actions of Brad Pitt, I do somewhat understand it.  While it was totally wrong the way he treated Jennifer Aniston by cheating on her with Angelina Jolie, at least it was more than a casual affair as Jolie and Pitt continue in a relationship, and Jolie and Aniston are in the same ballpark.  Besides I like this picture.
I have heard it said that it takes one pint of blood to allow the brain to function and one pint of blood to allow the penis to function.  Unfortunately, it is the same pint of blood.  It seems that would be an accurate statement. 

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  1. Well, you are not the only shallow one out there. For I feel the same way as you do about this, and much to my surprise, so does my wife!

    On the other hand, I know what it is like to be married to an incredibly beautiful woman, and not being allowed to reap all of the rewards. For my first wife looked like a younger version of Jacklyn Smith, who was part of the original Charlie's Angels, and once a month was all that I usually got for the last six years of our marriage.

    In all fairness, I know now that her great lack of affection was more my fault than her's. Maybe that was the deal with Arnold and Maria?

  2. 'Shallow is as shallow does' and 'life is just like a box of condoms'

    had too get those out of the way.

    Okeedoughkee, here goes...Observation between 'other women and Maria...One word...starts with a B...that's right BOOBS!

    'other women' = ample boobie area. Maria = skeletoid. jus sayin' coulda been a cause)?)




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