Friday, May 20, 2011

Proud Medal Winner

Bronze medal from the 1980 Summer OlympicsImage via WikipediaIt does my heart good to get good news from school.  Over the past few weeks, the good news from school has been a lot less frequent.  It is not that he has been doing poorly, but he has been exhibiting more of his undesirable behaviors of late.  For the last couple weeks he has been doing a lot more dropping to the ground, throwing things, and hitting those that get near him.

Because he had been adjusting so well, I have cut back on my phone calls to the school to every other day rather than every day like when he first started at the school. With him exhibiting his undesirable and unacceptable behaviors more frequently of late, I have been a bit more hesitant when I call to check on him.

Last night, I called to check on him and got a very favorable report.  Over the past two days, he had not been dropping as often as he had been over the past two weeks.  In fact, the aide that I spoke with in the dorm informed me that the night before he had won a medal by finishing third in swimming.  He has proudly worn the medal ever since.

The mere fact that my son is swimming is a marked improvement in and of itself.  The school has a very nice indoor swimming pool.  When he first started going to the school, he refused to get into the water, instead preferring to watch the other kids.  Just to get in the water is improvement, to finish third in an event is just awesome.

During the Beijing Olympics when Michael Phelps won his 8 gold medals, my son watched intently.  He really enjoyed watching the swimming events.  In the school he attended at that time, they gave out some play medals during the Olympics.  He loved wearing those, so I know he is thrilled to be wearing a medal he earned at school.  I know I am. 
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  1. That is awesome! And swimming is SO good for a body too. I rejoice with you at every milestone.

  2. Fantastic accomplishment, give your Son a collective Attaboy! from your readers.


  3. can't wait for him to come home for the Memorial Day weekend so that I can give him a big high five



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