Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogger App for Android Update

BloggerImage by kuribo via FlickrThis morning, I was looking at the apps that I have on my Android phone and noticed that I had several apps that had updates available.  One of the ones that needed to be updated was my Blogger app for Android.  I had not used the Blogger app for a few weeks, but I went ahead and updated the app.

One of the reasons that I had not used the app for so long was because of my first experience using it.  I had started writing a blog post using the app, saved it as a draft, then finished it on my laptop when I got home from work.  I then published it from my laptop.

Unfortunately, the next day when I opened up the Blogger app on my phone, the post reverted to my saved draft and I lost the finished post.  I wrote about that incident on this post that I wrote completely on the app.  Since then, I have used Google Docs whenever I have wanted to start a post on my phone and finish it on my computer later.

After I downloaded the update, I checked to see what included in the update.  One of the features that it the update contained was that it contained a full sync feature.  I think that this will fix the issue that I had with the post reverting back to the version that was saved as a draft on my mobile app.

The first time I used the Blogger app, it only showed blog posts that I had started or published from the mobile app.  It did not include any previous posts.  Now, since the update, the mobile app shows all of my previous posts.  I am looking forward to seeing whether or not this new feature will allow me to start a post on my mobile device and finish it on the computer later.   

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  1. Dickster- I have been reading with interest your phone stories. I was really poo-pooing the whole app thing, but now I really want one. I think I will upgrade with sprint, next month! Thanks.

  2. I will always do the majority of my blogging from the home computer, but there are times it is nice to have the mobile option like when traveling or if I get an idea in the office and want to start a post. I also sometimes visit other blogs between innings at baseball games.



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