Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diana's Banana Babies

Every now and then, I will do a paid post for a website or a product.  I always try to give my most honest opinion of that product within those posts.  Then every now and then, there is a product that I like so much that I just have to right about it, like when I read a book I love like "Rawhide Down."  Diana's banana babies is one of those products.

My family loves to snack.  My son and I like the same kind of snacks; Cheez Its, pretzels, and just about any kind of chip.  I also like to eat a lot of meat snacks like beef jerky.  It is rare, however, when Mrs. Dickster and I both want to snack on the same thing.  Diana's banana babies is a product that the two of us are currently addicted to, the dark chocolate variety in particular.

Diana's banana babies are chocolate covered frozen bananas that we have found in the ice cream novelty section of our local Giant food store.  They come in dark chocolate covered and milk chocolate covered.  We have been loving the dark chocolate ones, but we have yet to try the milk chocolate.  There is just something about the flavors of bananas and dark chocolate that taste great together.  The coldness of the frozen treat is a great way to beat the heat. 
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  1. I love ice cream[eating some now]love bananas...this seems like the perfect combo.

    Tell em I'm tryin em!

  2. Well, you deliver pizzas, and now you are encouraging us to dive headfirst into a case (or two) of these things. Oh yeah, the Nutrition Nazis will be busting down your door anytime now.

  3. Don, they are really tasty

    Fish, they told us to eat more fruit, it's just coated with dark chocolate

  4. Give Willy the Chocolate Ice Cream but you can take the banana and put it ........ Just saying.

    10-4 Willy

  5. Thank you for your straight forward review of our Banana Babies. We're glad that we're putting out the right stuff for you and your family!

    Bob Carmody
    Owner, Diana's Bananas, Inc.

  6. what can I say Bob. They are quite tasty. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  7. I happened on these yesterday in the grocery store and remembered your blog. The dark chocolate ones are REALLY good! It helped my ice cream and my dark chocolate m&m cravings all in one serving.

    Thank you!

  8. These are soooo gooood!!!! ESPECIALLY the dark chocolate ones!
    Fairly priced as well...I would love to try one freshly dipped!



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