Sunday, June 5, 2011

John Edwards Indicted

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Long before John Edwards showed us all what a piece of human fecal matter he is by cheating on his terminally ill wife Elizabeth, I did not like him one bit.  There has always been something about him that has rubbed me the wrong way.  If I could describe Edwards in one word, it would be "smarmy."

Last week, Edwards was indicted on six felony counts of illegally using campaign donations to cover up his affair and illegitimate child with Rielle Hunter.  For his part, Edwards admits that his actions were despicable and that he hurt those closest to him.  He also maintains that he did not break any campaign finance laws.

I have mentioned before that I often listen to part of Mark Levin's show on the radio when I am in the car.  On Friday night's program, Levin discussed the indictment of John Edwards.  Levin, who is obviously no fan of Edwards, says while he deplores what Edwards did, he thinks that the indictment handed down by the Justice Department is bogus and could lead to a slippery slope.

Before becoming a radio talk show host, Levin made his mark as a constitutional lawyer and served in the Reagan administration.  He also serves as president of Landmark Legal Foundation, so his legal chops are much more solid than other radio talk show hosts.  His feeling is that the Justice Department is taking a great deal of liberty in interpreting what constitutes a campaign contribution versus helping a friend cover up an illicit affair.  He also warns other candidates that it opens other things up to a wide range of interpretation.

Now I will defer to Levin for the legal interpretation here.  After all, he is a well qualified legal mind where I don't even pretend to play one on TV.  However, I will not shed any tears if Edwards happens to be convicted of some or all of these counts.  If there is any such thing as karma, Edwards will get what he deserves in the end.  
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  1. I love Mark "get off the phone you dope" Levin. He can be my choice as head of DOJ or even the SC.

    Edwards as 'smarmy' is as to diarrhea on a knat's ass. In any prison a fella known as 'The Breck Girl' will not fare well!


  2. Mark is kind of an acquired taste. Like your comment of Edwards being a Breck Girl. Made me think of a few choice "Deliverance" quotes



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