Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Hampshire Republican Debate

GOP Presidential Debate June 13, 2011 in New H...Image by DonkeyHotey via FlickrLast night, I watched the Republican Debate on CNN.  I was a little late for the start of the event because I had a hard time finding the channel, so I missed some of the candidates introducing themselves.  Actually, my channel guide showed that the debate was going to be on CNN International, but it wasn't.  I eventually found the regular CNN station, but that should give you an indication of how frequently I watch the channel; not at all.

It is still really early in my mind to try to narrow down a choice for the Republican nominee, but I had a great interest in watching the debate.  The candidates that were participating in the debate were Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Tim Pawenty, Michele Bachman, Rick Santorem, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich. 

One of the things that I was particularly interested in seeing was whether or not Gingrich could recover from the majority of his campaign staff quitting on him last week.  When Gingrich announced that he was running, I was excited because if nothing else, Newt gives ideas.  Unfortunately the last few weeks have been tough on the former Speaker.  He had a couple of nice moments, but not enough to set him apart from the rest of the field.

There were not a whole lot of bombshells throughout the evening, with the possible exception of Michele Bachmann announcing that she would officially be throwing her hat into the ring to run for the presidency.  None of the candidates did anything that really made me change my viewpoint on any of them.  There are aspects of each candidate that I like, and each has their individual flaws.

That being said, I really like Herman Cain.  Michele Bachmann is a solid conservative, and as much as I like Sarah Palin, to compare Bachmann to Palin as the media will do, is not fair to Bachmann.  Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum each have characteristics that I admire. Newt has some good ideas and made some good points, and I hope he can contribute to the race.  Those would be my favorites, in no particular order, but all of the participants would be an improvement over the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  1. I am just going with the best in a worst situation. My ultimate situation would be a Resource Based Economy, politics replaced by coming to decisions based on best scientific and engineering practices. Overall social change is needed. Thanks for telling me about those things on Ron.

  2. The future will tell

    10-4 Willy

  3. I haven't got around to watching this debate yet, but I have been very impressed with Herman Cain so far. For he appears to be the kind of person who commands respect, and I mean that in a good way.

    On a completely unrelated topic, did you get the email I sent you about SunBuddy? I think I sent very early last Saturday morning.

  4. I doubt that I'm interested enough to watch a debate this early till the field gets sorted out a little. The Rs have no one who stands out except Palin who is certainly interesting, but I would never vote for her. Whether she is really an airhead or if it only suits her to look like one, she doesn't seem very presidential to me.

  5. The Clear Winner of the Debate was The American People, Conservatism, The Tea Party, and The Constitution.

    The Clear Losers were, CNN, John 'this and that' King, and Obamanation.




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