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Samsung Galaxy Tab ReviewImage by clintonjeff via FlickrAdgitize is my favorite method of advertising my blog.  I first signed up with them and started advertising with them two years ago.  An ad with Adgitize costs only $14 per month.  However, due to the structure within Adgitize, your actual net cost each month will be much less.  If you are a very active blogger, you could even make enough each month to pay for your ads.

The system is set up to earn points for various activities within the network.  As an advertiser, you would earn 100 points per day for running an ad in the network.  Each day that you write an article and publish it on your blog, you earn another 100 points.  You can also earn up to 100 points by clicking on ads within the Adgitize network.  Advertisers get the added bonus of only having to click on 51 ads to earn 100 points versus having to click 100 ads if you are not an advertiser.

Then there is the main reason to advertise with Adgitize; the traffic.  Prior to joining Adgitize, I was averaging well under 1000 page views per month.  Since joining, I average over 3000 page views per month.  If you publish Adgitize ads on your blog, you have the additional benefit of earning points for the number of page views and ad views your blog produces.  The increased from advertising also increases the points you earn there.

This month, I have been particularly active in the network.  I have posted a blog post every day but one this month.  I always manage to earn my 100 points for clicking on ads.  Consequently, I have already earned enough this month to pay for my August ad in the Adgitize network.  In fact, because I have been more active than usual in posting on my blog, I will probably earn a couple extra dollars this month.

I probably shouldn't admit this, but back in May I purchased a Samsung Galaxy tablet through my wireless carrier.  I picked this particular tablet because it is small enough to fit in my pocket and was fairly inexpensive with a data contract.  One of the benefits of the tablet is that it has 3G and I can do my ad clicks wherever I happen to be.  Sometimes traffic is so bad on the beltway that I can sit in the car and get all my ad clicks done before I get to work.  Don't worry, I am never moving when I am clicking ads.

If you have not tried Adgitize yet and are an active blogger you really ought to give it a shot.  It is fairly easy to earn enough money each month to pay for, or nearly pay for your ad.  Since I have been a member, I have discovered a lot of great bloggers.  I have also managed to get a few regular readers who comment regularly on some of my posts.  It is by far the best blogger network I have ever been involved in.

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