Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Dick Stone Daily

A couple of days ago, I looked at my Android phone and saw that I had a notice from Twitter stating that I had a new @mention.  I went to see the mention and saw that it was from MariucaMPG.  I know Mariuca from her many blogs and had been following her on Twitter.  I opened up her tweet and read:
Read The MPG Daily ▸ today's top stories via
The link went to her online newspaper published on is an online service that allows users to publish their Twitter and Facebook feeds into a daily newspapers.  It compiles all of the articles and media found in your Twitter feed and formats it into a daily online newspaper.  In Mariuca's newspapers, I found a couple articles that I had tweeted earlier in the day. 

I thought the whole concept was pretty neat.  I decided to check it out in further detail yesterday.  I even went so far as to publish my own newspaper, The Dick Stone Daily.  The service ended up pulling material from 114 people in my Twitter feed, and added over 200 different articles or photos to my page.

I really liked what I saw.  There are so many times that I do not get to look at my Twitter feed and I miss a lot of interesting articles that are posted there.  It is nice to go back and look at everything in one nicely organized source to peruse things at my leisure.  You can even add a widget to your blog that will show the articles currently on your newspaper.

If you get a chance, go check out The Dick Stone Daily and see for yourself.  If you are active on Twitter and Facebook it is a nice tool to have.  Take a look around and let me know what you think.  If you decide to join and publish your own paper I would like to see it and follow you on Twitter.

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