Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Need Tickets?

Chicago TheatreImage via WikipediaThis humble blog is not my first foray into the world wide web.  It is, however, the longest lasting.  One of my first ventures was an online store selling products that are best not discussed in mixed company.  I paid too much for the site and never was able to make a profit.  I eventually abandoned it.

My next site was a little bit more successful.  It was a website that sold tickets to various events across the country.  The start up costs were fairly minimal, and I only paid for advertising.  I eventually gave up that site when my advertising expenses started to get too high relative to the commissions that I was earning.

I really did like the ticket website, and I would have liked to have kept it, but c'est la vie.  Ticket service websites provide a valuable service to get you that hard to find ticket.  One time I remember trying to buy Bon Jovi Tickets online as soon as they went on sale.  They sold out in a matter of minutes.  That is when a online ticket site like ACheapSeat.com can help you get that must have ticket.

At their website you can search for tickets by venue such as Allstate Arena Tickets or Chicago Theater Tickets.  You can search for tickets by several major cities if you just want to find something to do locally.  Now that the NFL lockout looks to be near the end, you can get find New Orleans Saints Tickets or your favorite team.  In addition to concerts and sporting events, you can even get Joel Osteen Tickets.  Whatever your ticket needs, they can probably help you.
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