Friday, July 15, 2011

News Blackout

Before I started blogging, I didn't follow the political world with as much passion as I did after I started this blog.  During that time, I became a bit of a political junkie.  For the better part of two years my routine consisted of listening to talk radio in the morning, and then watching The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, and On the Record on Fox News.

Back in December, during all of the fussing and fighting in DC regarding extending the Bush era tax cuts, I decided to cut back on the amount of news programming that I had been taking in.  I had grown tired of all the political fighting, and I had grown tired of the shows of both Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteren.

After I implemented my self imposed news blackout, I basically stopped watching the nightly lineup on the Fox News Channel.  I also stopped watching any national network news, as their left leaning bias always infuriated me.  The only thing that I did continue was listening to talk radio during my commute to an from work.

A funny thing happened during my news blackout.  I found out that I really didn't miss it.  I started watching a couple comedies on network channels.  When there wasn't anything entertaining on network television, I started watching old comedies like Sanford and Son, All in the Family, and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

It is so much more enjoyable to spend my evenings relaxing and laughing instead of getting angry at the talking heads on television.  I still get my fair share of news from talk radio, but I have even started to pare that back a little bit listening to a wider variety of radio programming while in the car. 
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