Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not So Green Thumb

I definitely do not have what you would call a "green thumb." I am one of those people who could kill a plastic plant. We used to have four or five bushes in the front of our townhouse, but about five years ago they started to turn an ugly brown.  So, I ended up pulling the the bushes out of the front yard and replaced them with four large planters.

The front of our house is almost completely covered in shade most of the day.  Consequently, we wanted plants that would thrive in shade and not require a lot of direct sunlight.  I also did not want to go with shrubbery or green plants.  I wanted flowers so that we could add a splash of color in front of the house.  The first couple years of having the planters, we would buy some impatiens at Home Depot and plant those.

The impatiens did very well for us, but they required replanting every year.  Not only do I not have a green thumb, but I also did not want to continue to have to replant flowers every year.  Three years ago, I ended up buying some lily bulbs at BJ's and planted those.  We have had a mixed batch with those but we do get some nice blooms every now and then.  Unfortunately they usually only last a day or two.

About half of the planters have some good growth on them.  One has just a couple of plants growing.  The other two, well, let's just say they could use a little work.  This afternoon, we had three blooms in front of the house.

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