Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Years Ago Today

David Mills (TV writer)Image via WikipediaToday is the third anniversary of the day that I started this blog.  I decided to start this blog after I discovered the blog of one of my best friends from high school, David Mills.  We had lost track of each other over the years, and a little more than three years ago we reconnected through LinkedIn and Facebook.

David had a thriving blog called Undercover Black Man.  It was a blog that covered a wide variety of topics; politics, pop culture, and a lot of things that he found to be entertaining or humorous.  He had a rather lively blog, with a ton of comments.  David made sure to interact with all of the commentators on his blog and got into a lot of lively debates.  It was not uncommon to find a thread with over 100 comments.

I took a lot of ideas from watching David's blog, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  He never got tied down to only blogging about one or two different subjects.  Anything that piqued his interest was fair game.  I can only hope to have as successful a blog as he did.

I was so happy when I was able to reconnect with David and my other best friend from high school, Don Valyou.  David was a successful television writer and had moved to California.  He came home for a visit two years ago and the three of us were able to get together a couple of times while he was here.  It was as if the three of us had never been apart.

Sadly, David passed away a few months later.  He had a new writing project with his friend David Simon and was working in New Orleans on the set of the HBO Series "Treme."  He was talking with some folks when he collapsed and suffered a brain aneurism.

Needless to say, I was extremely upset at his passing.  In a bit of a tribute, I have occasionally done a post here to keep alive some of David's personal blogging memes.  A couple of them have been "Why YouTube is Better than Television," and "Random Hotness." 

It is funny sometimes how the simplest and commonest occurrence can bring about a memory of an old friend.  The other day, while driving out to my son's school, I drove by a cornfield.  I immediately began thinking about David and Don.  While in college, the three of us were staying at a campground.  Across from the campground was a farm with cornfields.  After several beers, David and Don wanted to go running through the cornfields.  Memories.

Anyway, happy blogaversary to me and thanks to David for giving me the inspiration to start this blog.  One of the other themes that David often posted was a theme called "Saturday Morning Cartoons," where he would post a YouTube video of a cartoon he remembered from his youth.  So, below is a video from The Flintstones.  Somehow I think he would have liked this.

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  1. To memories of good friends! Nice post.

  2. Hi Dickster!

    We don't communicate too much now that the Adgitize forum doesn't award points anymore. But, I still like to visit your blog & read your thoughts.

    Have a great blog-anniversary day today and thanks for keeping the memory of your friend David alive.


  3. Thanks Shark.

    Thanks, John. I frequent asktheblogster and your lottery sites frequently. I was going to try to reach out to you because I was having trouble getting the social media share buttons to appear on my blog, but I eventually found a resource to fix the issue

  4. I missed saying happy anniversary, but loved how you celebrated it in your blog.

    Friends are a wonderful thing to have and the hardest ones to lose. Glad you have the current memories to play again in your head!



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