Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The George Costanza Plan to Save the Country

Obama TalkImage via WikipediaMonday, I had to leave work early to meet with a doctor to discuss my treatment for my sleep apnea, more on this in a later post.  On the way to the doctor's office, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh talk about Barack Obama's latest plan to promote class envy and raise taxes.

It really wasn't anything that Rush had to say that got me to thinking, but I think I have an idea to help solve the country's problems.  In the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, I am offering this idea up to President Obama in the hopes that he will seriously consider adopting the following strategy in his decision making on future policies.

I call my plan "The George Costanza Plan to Save the Country," and it is based on a particular episode of the Seinfeld television series.  In this particular episode, George realizes that every decision that he has ever made in his life had been wrong.  In an effort to change his luck, George decides to do the opposite of what he would normally do.  Consequently, his luck changes for the better.  That is until he reverts back to going with his first instinct.

It is in the spirit of George Costanza and doing the opposite of what you would normally do that I am calling on Barack Obama to think about what he would normally do, and then do the opposite.  I mean, things have not exactly been working out very well the way he had been going.  Mr. President, I implore you, for the good of the country, adopt the George Costanza plan.
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