Sunday, October 30, 2011

Benedictine School Toolbar

Image representing GoodSearch as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseI have talked numerous times here about my son and the travails of getting him into his current school situation.  For the past year, he has been a student at the Benedictine School for Exceptional Children.  The school's mission statement is as follows:
The mission of The Benedictine School is to assist individuals with disabilities in becoming as independent or semi-independent as possible; to make wise use of leisure time; and to live and work in a community setting.
I am going to use this space here to do a shameless little plug to benefit the Benedictine Foundation who works on the fundraising to insure that the school and other programs have the money to function in the future.  My wife has recently volunteered to be the regional chair for Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties in Maryland.  She will be doing work to help plan the annual Spring Benefit next April.

The Foundation recently sent us a newsletter with some ways in which people can do little things to raise money for the school.  One of the easiest ways is for people to download the Benedictine School Toolbar and using it for your internet searches.

GoodSearch is a Yahoo powered search engine that works like any other internet search engine.  The major difference is that with every internet search, GoodSearch shares half of its advertising revenue with the charity of your choice, mine being the Benedictine School for Exceptional Children.  On average, each search raises about a penny for your charity.

I know a penny per search does not sound like much, but there is strength in numbers.  The more people using the toolbar the more the money can add up, and every little bit helps.  I have made GoodSearch my default search engine, and I hope you will consider doing the same.  Let me know if you do.  Thanks for considering it.
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