Thursday, October 27, 2011

Muslims Sue Catholic University

Interior view of the Basilica of the National ...Image via WikipediaWhat would you expect to see if you were to enter a building associated with a particular religion?  As for me, I would expect to see symbols and signs of that religion.  If I were to enter a synagogue, I would expect to see the Star of David.  If I were entering a Christian institution, I would expect to see the cross and images of Jesus.  I would expect those images to be even more prominent in a Catholic institution.

Here in the DC area, a group of Muslim students are suing Catholic University.  They feel that their human rights have been violated because Catholic University has, horror of horrors, Catholic  symbols like the cross and pictures of Jesus through out the campus.  They complain that they have no place on campus in which to pray without being subjected to symbols of Catholicism that they feel is inappropriate.

WHAT THE FUCK!!??  What the hell did these people expect to see when attending a private, Catholic institution?  The school, after all, is called CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!  I could understand if the school was a secular public university.  Then I could see the need for the school to accommodate all view points.  Do you think that a Muslim institution would accommodate a Christian or Jew with a separate place to put up their symbols and pray?  Oh wait, they wouldn't even get in the door.

The 1st Amendment guarantees that we have freedom of religion.  It does not guarantee that we have freedom from religion. We live in such politically correct times that some people feel that every accommodation should be made in every circumstance so as not to offend anybody.   I certainly do not deny these Muslims the right to practice their religion, but they chose to attend a Catholic institution.  There are times when accommodation is appropriate, however, a Catholic University should still be allowed to be Catholic.
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  1. Sigh...totally uncalled for. I am a muslim and let me assure you that Muslim can rightfully pray almost anywhere which is clean. We can even pray in front of a cross or the star of David.

    These are the sort of people that makes Islam look bad. Extremist in the making. There are NO such instructions in the Quran banning or allowing specific places that one may pray in/at. Generally the only requirement is that the surrounding area is clean, pray all you want!

    I wouldn't worry so much, they can sue but I'm sure they can't win. On the other hand they can and should be sued naked! Sigh's people like that, that gives Islam a bad rep!

  2. Amazing.......and a lawyer is actually taking this case....scumbag!

  3. Hey! For once we actually agree! It's like somebody trying to bring a can of beer onto the campus of Brigham Young University. They wouldn't get very far.

  4. Namz- it takes all kinds I guess

    Anonymous- the particular lawyer has a history and teaches course encouraging these kind of activist suits

    Len- miracles still happen



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