Thursday, October 6, 2011

National Noodle Day

I have mentioned here before that in one of my previous career positions, I was in charge of the frozen food category for a grocery chain headquartered in my area.  Ever since then, I have always been on the lookout for good frozen entrees.

Since my son is away at school, my wife and I are always looking for dinners for two.  To be honest, even if he were home, we always look for dinners for two because he eats different foods than the rest of us. These days they make a lot of nice entrees for two that you can pick up at a good price in the frozen food aisle.

About a week or so ago, I received an email from PF Changs Home Menu asking me if I would be interested in receiving a VIP tasting kit featuring their new noodle entrees in honor of today being National Noodle Day.  I had tried some of the other PF Changs frozen kits from my local grocer, so the opportunity to try something new at no risk to me was something that I eagerly wanted to do.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Late last week, I had delivered to my door my VIP tasting kit with two of the new P.F. Changs noodle entrees and two noodle bowls with a pair of chopsticks.  This past Sunday evening was my turn to cook dinner, so I poured prepared my sample of P.F. Changs Pepper Steak with Chow Fun Noodles.  My experience with a lot of these entrees for two is that it usually isn't enough for two, so I also prepared a couple of store brand shrimp spring rolls.

In the past, I have found the preparation of the other P.F. Changs entrees to be fairly simple.  The Pepper Steak with Chow Fun Noodles was no exception.  Just heat and stir for about 12 minutes in a skillet.  The Pepper Steak, as our the other entrees that I have tried, have great flavor with just the right amount of spice and seasoning.  They also sent a sample of their Garlic Chicken with Dan Dan Noodles which we will sample tonight in honor of National Noodle Day.  I think I will be on the lookout for their Firecracker Shrimp with Yakisoba Noodles. 

To celebrate National Noodle Day, I would encourage you to follow them on Twitter and visit their Facebook page where you can enter their National Noodle Day Sweepstakes.  You could win your own VIP tasting kit, quality skillets to prepare your PF Changs entrees, or coupons for $3 off a purchase of PF Changs entrees for two, and if you are really lucky, you could win a trip to Vegas. 
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