Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paul Ryan and Herman Cain's 999 Plan

Paul Ryan (politician)Image via WikipediaThis morning, I was heading to work listening to WMAL talk radio as is my custom during my commute to work.  When I first started listening to the program, former Congressman Fred "Gopher" Grandy was the main host of the show.  After he left due to a dispute with the station, they kept Bryan Nehman who then cohosted the program with a series of guest hosts.

After a couple of months, I was ready to give up on the show because Nehman just wasn't strong enough to carry the show on his own, and the never ending parade of guest hosts gave no real consistency to the program.  Finally, they hired Brian Wilson, who used to work on the local Fox affiliate and then Fox News Channel and Mary Katherine Ham to be permanent cohosts on the "Morning Majority."  The show has been much better ever since.  On a side note, am I the only one that thinks Mary Katherine Ham is the total package?  The woman is smart, funny, and attractive to boot.

Anyway, back to the show.  This morning, one of their guests was Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan is also Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  I love listening to Paul Ryan talk about the budget and the number crunching.  You would think that all the numbers talk would be boring, but Ryan makes it interesting.  The man really knows his stuff.

One of the questions that the hosts asked the Congressman was his thoughts about Herman Cain's 999 Plan.  Cain's plan eliminates the payroll tax and has a 9% tax on income, corporations, and a 9% sales tax.  Cain also claims that his plan would be revenue neutral. Ryan said that he has looked at the numbers, and he believes that the plan would bring in the same amount of revenue as the current tax structure, or at least be very close.

Ryan gave Cain credit for putting forth a bold and credible plan.  For his own part, Ryan said during the show, that he prefers a straight flat tax.  Ryan stated that he believes that Cain's 999 plan will shift the focus of the debate for all of the candidates towards ideas and solutions.  It is that sort of focus that Ryan believes the campaigns need to be focused on rather than attacks at past actions.  I for one would also like to see that shift as well.  It is one of the reasons that I believe Cain is gaining traction as a candidate.
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