Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Save Us Chuck Woolery

I have been a fan of game shows for as long as I can remember.  One can not be a game show aficionado without being aware of Chuck Woolery, game show legend.  Woolery has hosted popular game shows like Love Connection, Scrabble, Greed, and was the original host of Wheel of Fortune before some guy named Pat Sajak took over.

I have always liked Chuck Woolery.  As a game show host, he always had a rather affable personality.  This morning, as I was driving to work listening to WMAL Radio, I found out something else about Chuck Woolery.  He is a conservative and has a new website called Save Us Chuck Woolery.

Woolery takes a rather humorous approach to helping to solve some of the problems of this nation, as he puts it, $1 trillion at a time.  Below are two of his videos from his website on Taxing the Rich, and a proposal to Tax the Amish.

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