Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brain Fart

So I sat down last night to watch the latest of the multitude of Republican debates.  It was the first debate since the accusations of sexual harassment by Herman Cain started making the headlines.  I was glad to see that the audience was firmly behind Cain.  During the introductions of the candidates, it seemed as if the Herminator received the loudest round of applause.

The debate was broadcast on CNBC, and was supposed to center around economic issues but it didn't take long for one of the moderators to bring up the subject.  In one of the early questions, Maria Bartiromo strayed from economic issues and questioned Cain on his integrity.  The crowd roundly booed her during the questioning.

Once again, Cain was cheered loudly for his response to her question.  That wasn't enough for Bartiromo though.  She then had to direct a follow up question to Mitt Romney to ask for his thoughts on the matter.  Once again, she was booed loudly.  Romney refused to answer the question and suggested they get back to the economic subject matter.

For the most part, I though Cain did a decent job of sticking to the message that has helped him gain so much momentum in the campaign thus far.  He kept discussing his 999 plan, and in some instances I thought he went back to the well just a little too often.  I don't think he hurt himself any in the debate, but he didn't stand out any either.

Of all the candidates, I liked Newt Gingrich's performance the most.  He has been a strong and steady debater in each of the debates.  I think he is going to continue to move up in the polls.  Romney was, well Romney.  He just doesn't make mistakes during the debates.  He also can't seem to gain any ground in the polls, especially from the conservative wing of the party.  Then there is Rick Perry.

I had such high hopes when Rick Perry entered the race.  His performances in the debates have been horrid, and his drop in the polls reflects his abysmal performance.  During the debate last night, he had undoubtedly the most memorable moment of the debate.  He has been making the rounds of all of the morning news programs to talk about it.

It was painful to watch Perry have his brain fart last night.  In some ways, I felt sorry for him.  I have had my own moments when in the midst of a conversation or speaking about something I have totally lost my train of thought or struggled to come up with the word I was looking for.   At least he has been showing a sense of humor about it.

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