Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Save Us Chuck Woolery: Foreign Oil

About 6 weeks ago, I discovered Chuck Woolery's new website, Save Us Chuck Woolery.  The game show legend is a political conservative and uses his wit and wisdom to address some of the issues of the day from his unique perspective. 

Woolery has a new video posted on the website addressing the subject of our addition to foreign oil.  While Woolery's suggestion that we invade Canada because they have abundant supplies of oil is obviously tongue in cheek and sarcastic, he does hit home on the subject of our addition to foreign oil.

Politicians constantly harp about our dependence on foreign oil, yet nobody is willing to do anything about it. We continue to buy oil and send our assets to countries who essentially are not friendly to us or our way of living.  They literally have us over a barrel.

Meanwhile, our friends to the north have an abundant supply of oil and shale oil.  They would like to build a pipeline from Canada to Texas to allow us to refine that oil.  That pipeline would do two things, create jobs and give us a reliable supply of oil.  Yet our leaders give in to the environmentalists and cost us jobs and higher energy costs.

Take a look at what is going on in North Dakota these days.  While the rest of the country is struggling with 9% or higher unemployment rates, North Dakota is sitting at an unemployment rate of 3.5%.  Why?  Because they are drilling for oil and hiring workers at good pay rates.

Not only do our friends to the north in Canada have plenty of oil, but so do we.  Yet we continue to leave those resources untapped due to environmental concerns.  Neighbors like Russia in the Arctic region, and Cuba and others in the Caribbean are drilling near our shores. 

So we still have the risks of a spill from them near our shores, without the benefits of having a domestic supply of oil and natural gas.  I would trust our ability of getting that oil out of the ground in a more environmentally friendly manner than any of the others drilling near our coastlines.

Tapping into our own natural resources will do two things.  One, it will provide good paying jobs to Americans at a time when we desperately need jobs.  Second, it will lower energy costs giving average working Americans more disposable income to spend on other things to get the economy moving again.  Both are things we desperately need in this country.

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  1. Don't you think there might be a problem with the fact that we need a pipe-line from Alberta to Texas? Maybe people should actually stop using so much oil. Check out the Post-Carbon Institute or the Do not take at face value what people are telling you about oil, natural gas or renewable fuel.
    -Energy futures trader in Chicago



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