Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jobs, Energy, and Taxes

English: South façade of the White House, the ...Image via WikipediaWhat are two of the most pressing concerns of American citizens these days?  Without question, first and foremost is jobs.  The current 8.6% unemployment rate is understated with the number of people that they have stopped counting thanks to the fuzzy math performed by government in general.

Another critical issue would be the cost of energy, gasoline in particular.  While gasoline prices had been falling in recent weeks, they are still higher than at any other time at this time of year.  With the price of oil recently going back over $100 per barrel, I have already seen the price of gas go back up about $0.10 last week.

Meanwhile, the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC wants to extend the 2% payroll holiday that is currently in place.  He repeatedly calls upon the Republicans to put party aside and do something for the good of the middle class.  One of his favorite words to use is the word "compromise."

The President has the opportunity to do just that, compromise.  The Republicans are giving pass legislation that will extend the current payroll tax holiday.  In exchange, they are asking the President for approval of construction of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas which would address the two pressing matters of jobs and energy.

We constantly hear from politicians about how we need to lessen our dependence on foreign oil from countries that are basically hostile to us.  The pipeline would provide 20000 good paying union jobs, a key Democrat constituency, and provide us with a reliable source of energy, at a lower cost from one of our key allies and trading partners.

Sadly, for this President, the word compromise only applies to Republicans giving him what he wants.  He has come out and stated that any bill to extend the payroll tax holiday that is tied to approval of the pipeline will be vetoed.  Yet another reason why OMG no longer stands for "Oh my God," but rather "Obama must go."
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  1. Jobs, Energy and Taxes are the main focal point in the GOP discussions. President Obama and Republican candidates all see the platform in three of those.



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