Thursday, December 1, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

It now is December on the calendar, so Christmas literally is right around the corner.  Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  I have been thinking a lot about Christmases past, so I decided to share some of my favorite memories and things of Christmases past.
  • Favorite Christmas Movie- A Christmas Story.  It was one of our favorite movies during the holidays.  Ralphie looks and acts so much like my younger brother.  We watch that movie over and over again and laugh at every scene.
  • Favorite Christmas Gift- There have been so many great gifts over the years, but the one that I will always remember is the year my parents gave me my first electric guitar.  
  • Favorite Traditional Christmas Carol- Silent Night. As a guitar player, knowing that the song was written specifically for the guitar makes it extra special for me.
  • Favorite Christmas Memory- One year, my office was selling Nintendo game systems well below retail as a fundraiser.  It was one of my first Christmases after moving out from my home.  I took it to my parents' house and we sat around playing Duck Hunt.  Watching my mother get high score was priceless.
  • Favorite Television Special- Without a doubt, A Charlie Brown Christmas.  How can you not be moved when Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas?
  • Favorite Family Meal- When I was a kid, it was a tradition in our family to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve.  Every year we went to a restaurant called The Italian Inn for pizza.  Their pizza was thick, heavy, greasy, and absolutely awesome.
  • Favorite Old Family Tradition- Cutting and decorating Christmas cookies to put out for Santa Claus.
  • Favorite New Family Tradition- Since I have gotten married and have a child of my own, we have our own annual tradition.  Each year, my son and I head down to the Festival of Lights at a nearby county park.
  • Favorite Drink- Egg Nog, and it doesn't have to be spiked with liquor.  In fact, I probably prefer it straight out of the carton with no doctoring.
  • Favorite Stocking Stuffer- Every year, we would go downstairs and find our stockings stuffed with assorted goodies.  My favorite every year is probably the Lifesaver Story Books.  My favorite flavors were Butter Rum and Wild Cherry.
  • Favorite Stocking Stuffer (Honorable Mention)- In addition to the Lifesaver Story Books, we used to also get a lot of fruit and candy canes in our stockings.  I used to love breaking a candy cane, sticking it in an orange, and suck the orange juice through the candy cane.  Good eats!
  • Favorite Surprise- I had a grandmother who gave my siblings and I pajamas every Christmas.  We used to open them on Christmas Eve and wear them to bed.  One year, since I was the oldest, she surprised me with a Polaroid Camera instead of pajamas.
It is fun to think back on the things that would bring so much joy in our lives every year.  Even the littlest things can provide memories to last a lifetime.  What are some of your favorite Christmas memories or traditions?  

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    1. Totally on board with Christmas Story. Charlie Brown and the sad little tree, oh yeah.

      Cannibal sandwiches on Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house was one of our traditions. Steak tartar on pumpernickel. A little slice of mad cow that I still enjoy on occasion.




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