Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Great Deal

Credit CardImage by 401K via FlickrOriginally, I was thinking about posting something about the New Hampshire primary that was held last night.  There were not a whole lot of surprises.   Everything pretty much happened the way the pollsters thought they would.  Mitt Romney came in first as expected.

Ron Paul finished second, and Jon Huntsman third after spending most of the last few weeks there.  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum split the conservative vote and ended up essentially tied for 4th place. The remaining candidate Rick Perry finished with less than 1%, not that far ahead of Michele Bachmann who is no longer in the race.

Instead, I want to talk about another "great" deal I received from a credit card company.  A couple weeks ago, I found a pre-approved credit card offer with an upfront fee that would have taken a large chunk of the approved line of credit, along with a 34.9% interest rate.

This week, I logged into one of my existing credit card accounts to pay a bill online.  I was greeted with a message saying that due to my good credit with them that I was pre-approved for an increase of my credit limit.  When I clicked the link, I was greeted with an offer to increase my credit limit by $100 for a $25 fee.

Wow!  Such a great deal.  Usually, if I have had "excellent credit history" with a company, they will either automatically increase your credit limit or will do so when you request it.  I have never had to pay for the privilege that they say I "earned."  I will be passing on this excellent offer.
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