Saturday, January 21, 2012

South Carolina Primary

South Carolina Republican Primary - Cartoon
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I am taking a rare weekend off from my pizza delivery gig this weekend.  Thursday afternoon, I was feeling a little out of sorts with some numbness in my fingers, neck, and leg.  Yesterday morning, I woke up and it was a little more irritating and concerning than the night before so I decided to call in sick from my day job and call the doctor.

Ever since I had my little episode from last summer where I had similar symptoms that led to a series of tests, I tend to err on the side of caution.  This visit to the doctor led to a prescription for a strong anti-inflammatory and x-rays on my neck and spine.  He thinks that I may have bulging discs in both my neck and back that are causing the numbness.  So, this weekend I decided to take it easy for a change.

So, since I will be home tonight instead of in and out of the car, I will be able to keep track of the returns from the South Carolina primary from the comfort of my own home instead of periodically checking the internet or Twitter from my phone.  After this week, it is looking like it could turn out to be an interesting race.

At the beginning of the week, there were still 6 candidates in the race, and Romney was leading in the polls in South Carolina.  It was widely thought that he had won both the Iowa caucus (albeit by only 8 votes) and the New Hampshire primary.  It was looking like he would be the first non-incumbent candidate to win the first three events in the quest to become the Republican Presidential nominee.

Since the week began, 2 of the 6 candidates, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry, have dropped out of the race.  The Iowa caucuses have certified their votes and now declare that Rick Santorum was the winner in Iowa.  Two strong debate showings by Newt Gingrich on Monday and then Thursday have him surging in the polls to the point where one showed him in the lead this morning.

Now, instead of Romney winning the first three events, which would have been historical, we are looking at three different candidates winning the first three events.  Personally, I hope that happens as I am not ready to have Romney declared the nominee when there is still so many more primaries to be held.  It looks like it could potentially end up being an interesting race.
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