Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time to Get Serious

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Well, today is the big day. It's time things get serious. No, it isn't the New Hampshire primary that I am talking about, though that is important.  It is something else entirely.  On New Year's Day, I posted about how I normally do not use that day to make resolutions to change something in my life.  I need to be mentally prepared to start that quest.  Today is that day.

As I said, I have to be mentally prepared for the task at hand.  I also have to clear away all of the obstacles that could potentially block the path to success.  One of my big stumbling blocks is having alcohol in the house, particularly red wine.  When I have it, I drink it, and when I drink it, I tend to eat a lot more junk food rather than healthier snacks.

Last night, I finished off the last of the red wine that I had in the house.  If I don't have it around, I generally do not miss it.  I also have gotten rid of just about all of the really bad food and have several healthier snacking options available should I need anything more after dinner, though I am going to try to not eat anything after dinner.

This morning, I stepped on the scale and weighed 228 pounds.  It's not the heaviest I have ever been, but it's close to it.  I have to lose 30 pounds, at least in my mind. I want to lose 50 pounds, and I would be extremely ecstatic if I could manage to lose a total of 60 pounds.  It has been several years since I have been in that weight class.

I have decided to keep track of everything I eat during the course of the day.  I have downloaded a calorie counter app for my phone and tablet from MyFitnessPal.com.  I enter my current weight, goals, and other data, and it gives me a target for number of calories to eat each day.  It has a huge data base of calorie and nutritional counts.  You can also scan the UPC code on a package and it will search for all the nutrional data to add to your daily diary.

Having the mobile apps is a great help for tracking things.  It shows how many calories you have consumed that day and how many more towards your goal for the day.  I think I will also be checking out the MyFitnessPal website as they have a large community to lend support in your weight loss goals.  As they say, the first step of any journey is the toughest.
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  1. good luck..I am going through the same thing..

  2. Sounds as though you've done a lot of preparation to help you reach your goal. Best of luck with the weight loss.

  3. Robert, good luck to you as well.

    Grandma, I can usually take the weight off, it's keeping it off that becomes the problem

  4. Its not wine, ice cream is my downfall and that website is wonderful! I have it on my phone and it really works when you use it. Unfortunately I stopped using it about midway last year. Thank you for the reminder, Dick! It might give me the kick in the you know where that I need to get back on course!

  5. That would be great! Our son has gotten quite heavy, much to our dismay, but at C-mas he says he's really working on it, and I believe him because he ate very healthy and reasonably while he was here.

  6. Cloris, ice cream can be an issue for me too.

    Shark, my son has done the opposite and has lost too much weight.



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