Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1040 Blues

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I hate the IRS.  I know, I know, who doesn't.  Aside from my usual fear and loathing of the IRS, I think I am just frustrated in being able to get timely information from the IRS this year on the status of my refund.  Also, it has taking a bit longer to actually get my refund this year compared to previous years when I have filed my taxes electronic.

Like a lot of people, I use TurboTax to prepare and file my taxes.  After I had all of my tax information in hand, I spent my time running through the software.  I finalized and filed my tax on January 31st.  My federal taxes were accepted by the IRS that night, and my state taxes were accepted the next day.  In addition to filing electronically, I also request direct deposit into my checking account.

According to the schedule that was on the IRS website, people who had their taxes accepted electronically by February 1st should expect their refunds to be sent to direct deposit by February 8th.  So far, I am still waiting for the refund, which I desperately need for an auto repair. 

Shortly after I filed my taxes, I began checking the status of my refund on the "Where's My Refund" link on the IRS website.  The first couple of times I checked it, I was told that they had not yet received my taxes.  This was not totally unexpected, as it usually takes a few days to be updated.  However, after three days, I started to get a message that they could not give me info on my refund, listed a phone number, and said I should call and give the agent reference number 9002.

I ended up calling the IRS and spent a half hour on hold before I was disconnected.  I tried again the next day, spent another half hour on hold, but finally got to speak to an agent.  They said that they had received my tax return, and that it could take up to three weeks for them to process the return.  A few days later, the "Where's my Refund" link showed an updated status stating that my refund would be processed February 21st, two weeks after the date published previously.

I should point out that my state refund showed up in my back account in less than a week.  I normally expect the federal return to take a little longer, but when they publish an expected refund date and it goes past it, I get a little anxious, especially when I get a message with a reference code stating I should call.  It looks like the IRS has been having multiple issues with their system this tax season, which begs the question, do we really want the government running our health care system?
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  1. The way things are going, the IRS is probably broke and can't afford the refunds..

    1. they will just borrow more money from China, Frank

  2. No -- we don't need the feds running our healthcare system. Dealing with the feds for anything is enough of a nightmare without throwing life and death situations into it.

    By the way, it could be worse -- you could owe taxes this year. I do, and I have a feeling the feds will be all over me if my taxes aren't filed and paid by the due date. Remember -- it's OK for Uncle Sam to be late, but that privilege doesn't extend to us lowly citizens.

    1. you got that right Hawg. And they can print their own money too. You try that and see where it gets you



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