Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Captcha Removed

Yesterday, I was doing the rounds and visiting several different blogs that I like to visit when I saw a post on MyQualityDay by Sharkbytes about how she had removed the word verification option for posting comments on her blog.  The purpose of the word verification system is to help cut down on the amount of spam comments left on blogs. Up until a tonight, I had the word verification option applied to this blog.

Recently, Blogger changed the way that blogs on the Blogger format display word verification images, or Captcha.  Previously, the code was one set of letters that was fairly easy to read.  After visiting Ask the Blogster, and attempted to leave a comment on a post.  The new word verification image is now two words and much more difficult to read

The new word verification not includes those words where the background and font color change in mid word. In other words, it starts out black text on a white background, switches to white text on a black background, and back again.  These days, I have been having a lot more difficult time deciphering those images.  Even with my spectacles my eyes just aren't what they used to be.

For that reason, as of tonight, I have removed word verification from this blog.  I found a lot of comments out there that people are not happy with the change that had been implemented.  I had to do some searching to find out how to turn off the option in my settings.  The new updated Blogger dashboard does not have the option to turn off word verification in the settings.  Instead, I had to revert to the old dashboard interface and turn it off there.

I will leave word verification off for now and will see whether or not it leads to an increase in spam comments going forward.  A while back, I had implemented comment moderation due to some spam comments.  I had considered removing it with the implementation of threaded comments, but for now, I will leave it on until I see how removing word verification impacts spam comments.
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  1. That's why I have the comment moderation in effect that way I delete the spam befor it reachs my sites,one person voice their frustration about the way i allow comments and that frustration was loaded with 4 letter words and that was not cool so i delted that comment the only other comments I have ever deleted was spam comments.

  2. I don't use it, it was annoying on the part of commenter, please see my post and experience about it on my blog

  3. I hate captchas. I totally agree with you. They're so 'secure' that you can't make them out! What's the point?

    On my blog I use a maths thingy. Just answer a simple question (1 + 1 or something). Just as effective and you can actually read it!



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