Sunday, February 19, 2012

Doing My Part for the Environment

I have been doing something for the last few years as part of my everyday life that I recently found out was beneficial to the environment, and I never even knew it.  My intention when I began this particular habit really had nothing to do with being "environmentally friendly."

Being green is not something that I necessarily set out to do, but if it is something that I can do that is not inconvenient or more expensive, then I will "go green."  So what is this habit of mine that turns out to environmentally friendly?

I enjoy a glass or two of wine in the evening.  I particularly enjoy red wine.  I used to open a bottle of wine and drink two glasses, then put the cork back in and finish the bottle the next day.  Soon, I was expanding my drinking to a third glass, but that meant just one glass left in the bottle so I would just finish the bottle off.

As I have become more frugal, I started looking for less expensive ways to enjoy my wine.  I started buying boxed wine.  It was much less expensive than buying individual bottles of wine, and took up less space in the house.  I also thought it would allow me to cut back to three glasses instead of four, but that didn't happen.

Tonight, I was fixing dinner and just happened to look at the side panel of the 5-liter box of Franzia Merlot that I bought last night.  That is when I found out that my penchant for boxed wine is environmentally friendly as the side panel proudly displayed all the ways that Franzia boxed wines are good for the environment.

Below are all the ways that according to Franzia, buying boxed wines are environmentally friendly.  Now, whenever anybody asks me what I am doing to help the environment, I now have something to tell them besides recycling.

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  1. Interesting. Do the cartons recycle? Because glass does, of course.

    1. I believe so. They are just cardboard and plastic. I have been putting them out with my recycling each week.



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