Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook Page

Ever since Adgitize announced that it was going to close down as a blog advertising network, I have been thinking about way to increase traffic to this blog.  For lack of anything better at the time, I decided to go back to giving Entrecard a try.  It is not my favorite way of building traffic, and after the episode last weekend where the system was down and you could not access the dashboard or use the Firefox toolbar, it is not the most reliable.

Ultimately, Entrecard was down for almost three full days. I had written a post about it as did other bloggers.  I was surprised by the number of comments that post received.  One of the commentors, Dave Lucas, also wrote a post on his blog (the link is below under related articles).  In his post, Dave made a very valid point about putting all your eggs in one basket in regards to getting traffic to your blog.

So, I have decided to try a few other things to try to get a little more traffic coming my way.  A couple weeks ago, I noticed a large spike in traffic.  On this particular day, when I checked my stats on Statcounter, I was getting a lot of visitors from Pinterest.  Somebody had pinned a graphic from one of my blog posts, and I ended up doubling my traffic that day.

Another thing that I use with my blog is Networked Blogs to post to my Facebook feed and to my Twitter feed.  I get a few hits here and there from using it.  I have been spending a lot of time the last few months in cleaning up and getting more active on Twitter.  The bottom line is that Social Media holds a lot of potential for helping to drive traffic.

Today, I have set up a page for my blog on Facebook.  I had started to do this, but didn't really do much to promote it.  Today, I have added a Facebook plug in box to my blog so that you can also find me on Facebook.  It would be great to hear from anybody else who has done this to see how it has been working out for you.
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  1. I've had a page for a month or so now. I think it gives people another way to see your new posts. It will be great when Google+ allows an API for NetworkedBlogs and DlvrIt to automatically post there as well. With some rare exceptions, Facebook is the Kleenex of social media (as much as Twitter is trying) and having something that people already have is beneficial. I've had many people who don't want to open "another email" to get gmail and be able to comment on some blogs or to follow blogger posts. But with Facebook, you can pledge allegiance to a blog using something that many people already use. I have more Facebook followers at this point than Google followers. Sure there are people doing both, but I see that as a gap that will continue to expand.


  2. I just killed one of the facebook network blog widgets on my blog after it failed - maybe something to do with the IPO? I have a zero tolerance policy for widgets that break frames or otherwise "act up" - I get a good amount of extra traffic via StumbleUpon and twitter!

  3. I got an invite to Pintarest, and didn't check it out. Maybe I should.



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