Thursday, February 16, 2012


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This week, I have hit a couple of milestones on this blog.  First off, this is my 1000th post since I started this blog in August of 2008.  Since starting this blog, I have used StatCounter to track my visitors here.  Two days ago, my stats topped the 100,000 mark.

While I am happy to have reached these goals this week, today an even more event took place today.  My son is home for a long weekend home from school.  We don't really have a lot of plans for the five days he will be home.  It looks like we will be playing it by ear.

One of the things that we did in preparation for him coming home was to set up a laptop for him.  The desktop unit that he had been using has been making some rather load noises.  I think it is on its last legs.  So, when we bought a new laptop for wife, I set her old laptop up so he could use it while he is home.  The old laptop isn't in the greatest shape, but it is better than the desktop.  When I got home tonight, he was watching game show videos on YouTube on it.

Whenever he is home, he does not like to leave the house.  He thinks that whenever we leave that we might be taking him back to school.  I am hoping that we will be able to get out to the house to go to Dave & Buster's to play a little skee ball.  It would also be nice if we can get him out for a visit to each of the grandparents' houses.

Right now, my son is scheduled to go back to the school on Tuesday.  My wife has a meeting at the school on Thursday.  She and I are regional co-chairs of the school foundation so she attends the meetings.  She may end up waiting until Thursday to take him back to school.  That will give us a full week visit until his next break during the Easter time frame.  It's nice to come home and have him in the house.
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  1. Congrads on the blogging milestones and enjoy the time with time son.

  2. Enjoy your son and your week-end with him and your wife!

    Congrats on your milestones too!!!



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