Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

super bowl
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Will you be watching the Super Bowl game tonight?  I will try to catch as much of the game as I can, but my part time pizza gig is requiring that everybody work today.  I am scheduled to work from 3-7, but because we will have so many drivers in the store I am hoping that they will start letting some of the extra people off a little earlier.  I do not normally work on Sunday's, so I would qualify as "extra."

The Super Bowl used to be a much bigger deal for me so it doesn't bother me too much that I will miss the beginning of the game today.  Over the past few years, my fervor for all things NFL has waned a bit.  The hype around the Super Bowl has become overblown, from the 3 hour plus pregame show and the extra long half time show, has made watching the game more of a chore than enjoyable.  Maybe I would feel different if my Redskins were involved.

I also think that all the hype around the Super Bowl commercials is a bit much.  There will be a couple of fun commercials, but I saw that most of the commercials have already been released online.  There is one thing that Coca Cola is doing that looks like it will be fun.  Tying in with social media, the polar bears will be watching the game in real time online and participating in social media on Facebook and Twitter.

There will be a polar bear representing each team, and you can watch them react online at to how the fortunes of their favorite team are played out on the field.  It looks like it could be kind of fun and cute.  I will be checking it out for a bit, but am thinking it will not be something I pay a whole lot of attention to.  I will be multitasking by doing Entrecard drops and playing other games online while the Super Bowl plays out.

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