Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a Way to Spend a Birthday

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Today is my birthday.  I usually do not like to call out attention to that fact.  I definitely do not acknowledge them in the office.  I do not like being the center of attention with cake and singing and all that sort of stuff.  Normally, I do not take the day off from work for my birthday.  It is February, so the weather is usually cold.  Today, we had a lot to do so I took the day off.

First off, our homeowners association has implemented a new parking policy.  They are now requiring us to have parking permits displayed in our cars.  The new policy takes place on March 1st, so I had to go by the management office and picked up our permits.  They required that we pick them up in person, rather than have them sent in the mail. 

Next up on the agenda was the first of two meetings in regards to our son.  The first meeting was with a lawyer to talk about getting guardianship of our son so that we can keep making the decisions regarding his care and finances.  The meeting went well enough.  The lawyer told us that the guardianship process was long and expensive and that there were other possible options to explore like power of attorney.  He emailed us a document to review on the various options.

After that meeting, we had a couple hours to kill so we headed to a nearby mall for lunch at Red Robin.  Then it was off to the local Social Security office to apply for SSI benefits for our son.  We had an appointment, and had a relatively short wait time.  Once in the office, the person assisting us with our application said that if we were to apply now, they would consider our income in assigning benefits.  Instead, she recommended that we wait until he turns 18 in April.

So, our two meeting ended up not being all that we thought they would be.  Instead, we have even more work to do on both fronts.  While the day was not quite as productive as we hoped it would be, we still received some good information.  Then again, I did not have to head into the office today.  Like the old saying goes, a bad day off still beats a good day at work. Oh, and there is one more thing planned for the evening, and that is dinner out with the wife.
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