Sunday, March 4, 2012

HOA and Parking

Last week, I alluded to a new parking policy that was put into place by our homeowners association.  As of March 1st, we were required to have parking permits in order to park in our townhouse complex or else face the possibility that our car could be towed.  The reason that we were given for having to begin using the permits is that they were trying to reduce the number of people that were delinquent in paying the HOA dues.

We had a couple meetings scheduled last week so I took a day off and picked up our permits that morning.  The new parking permits are placards that hang from our rearview mirrors.  We were glad they were not stickers because my wife and I really do not like the idea of placing stickers or decals on our cars.  You will never see a bumper sticker on one of our cars. 

Since the new parking regulations went into effect last week, we have noticed a lot fewer cars parked in our parking lot.  Now, there are a whole lot more people parked on the main road near the street to enter the complex.  The problem with that is that the street is on a hill and a curve.  Now, when we are trying to leave the complex, we have a difficult time seeing whether or not there is any traffic approaching because of all the cars now parked on the main road.

It is hard to say exactly the reason for the number of cars now parking on the road instead of the lot.  It would be surprising to see that we would have that many people delinquent in paying the association dues.  When we first moved in, the dues were always due in April.  I always paid it after I got my tax refund.  The new management company now asks for the first payment by January 1st and the second in June.  I usually pay the whole thing in February.

The other possible reason for the increased number of cars parking on the street could be with the manor in which the parking permits were distributed.  The management company required that people pick up the permits at the HOA meeting the evening of Febuary 22nd or to come by the management office after that date.  They would not mail the permits.  The office is only open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.  Most people are working during those times so it would be difficult to pick up.

The number of cars parked in the parking lot really does not impact us in anyway.  Each house has two clearly marked assigned parking spaces.  So, the only way parking in the lot impacts us is if somebody is an inconsiderate ass and parks in our assigned space.  The increased number of people parking out on the road, however, is a concern due to the obstructed view of approaching traffic.

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  1. I can relate to the hastle where people are causing by the way they are parking,at least you do not have a bridge at the entrance to your street like I do. the state of Ohio when they put in the freeway at least put a traffic light up to help us get out of our street.



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