Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling the Fool

Katy Perry - MMVA Soundcheck
Katy Perry - MMVA Soundcheck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did you ever have one of those moments when you felt like you simply looked like a fool?  I had one of those moments this afternoon.

I scheduled a personal day off from work today so that we could take care of some issues with our son while he is home from school.  We had met previously with a lawyer to discuss filing for legal guardianship of our son once he turned 18, which was this past Saturday.  The lawyer had provided us with some alternatives to guardianship such as a Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directive that we needed to have our son sign now that he is of legal age.

My son did an excellent job of answering the questions that the lawyer provided for him.  He signed both documents allowing us to handle decisions regarding his assets and his health.  These should be enough in the state of Maryland, but if by chance they are not, we will then proceed to the next step and start the legal proceedings to have us declared legal guardians.  We also need to set up another appointment with the lawyer for estate planning to put any assets into a special needs trust should anything happen to my wife and I.
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We promised our son that once we ran the errand of visiting the lawyer's office that we would take him to Target where he could use some of the gift cards and money he received for his birthday to buy himself some things.  He needed a new portable CD player because he broke yet another one.  He also wanted to buy himself some new CDs.  His musical tastes have grown since he has gone away to school.  He picked out CDs from Katy Perry and Adele instead of his usual country music. True to form, he also picked out a Kidz Bop CD.

After I took my wife and him home, I had a few more errands to run.  This is where the feeling like a fool part comes in.  My son wants to go to another Bowie Baysox game tonight, so I headed up to the stadium to pick up tickets.  I had eaten a protein bar in the car and took the wrapper to the trash can in front of the stadium.  Just as I was placing the wrapper in the trash can, a gust of wind blew it back out and across the front of the stadium.  I am not quite as spry as I once was, and as I chased after the wrapper, each time I reached down to grab it, the wind would send it out of my grasp.  I finally caught up to it after several yards, but I felt like an idiot.  At least I can't be accused of littering.
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