Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lenova Speakers for your Tunes

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I love music.  If you went down into my basement, you would find several binders each holding over 100 CDs.  Those binders are organized by genre and, for the most part, are alphabetized by artist.  Most of those have been ripped to my laptop and loaded onto my iPod along with several digital downloads.  

All told, that little iPod has over 6000 songs on it and enough music that I could listen for over 17 days without running out of music to listen to.  It is much easier for me to carry it to and from work than it is to carry all of those binders filled with CDs.  It makes the work day so much more enjoyable to be able to listen to the music I like while putting in my 8+ hours each day.

A lot of my coworkers also listen to music at their desks.  A lot of them use earbuds to listen to their tunes.  I have considered doing that myself, but I just can't bring myself to bring earbuds or headphones in the office.  Call me old fashioned, or just call me old, but to me that just doesn't seem very professional to me.  I need to have some sort of speaker system at my desk to listen to my music.

The Lenovo speaker system would be the perfect device for me to keep on my desk to listen to my iPod.  The Lenova speaker M0520 contains a main speaker, but also has a built in amplifier and a sub-speaker.  It may be small and portable in size, but it produces a rich, high quality sound.  It can connect to your computer through a USB port or connect with your MP3 player or smartphone.

The speakers themselves have a sleek modern look to them.  They speaker wires spool for easy storage, and their compact size makes them highly portable.  They can go from sitting on my desk at work while connected to my iPod to going home and connecting to my laptop so I can always be connected to my music.  Life is good.

If you need a set of portable speakers, you ought to check out the Lenova M0520 speakers.  Right now, through May 21st, the speakers are on sale for the bargain price of $11.99.  That is more than half off of the regular retail of $29.99.  What a bargain!
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  1. I finally received my speakers and they are great! Thank you for the recommendation!



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