Wednesday, June 13, 2012

User Testing

I am always on the lookout to try to earn a little extra money now and then.  Over the years, I have been a participant in a couple of different survey companies that earned me a few hundred dollars.  Through a variety of sponsored post companies, I have made a little bit of money writing reviews on this blog.  I even have made a few buck through some sponsored tweets on Twitter.  None of these activities have generated a tremendous amount of money, but every now and then it is handy to transfer $50-$100 from my Paypal account to my bank account.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the Amazon website looking for books for my Kindle when I came across 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online by MJ Wolfe.  The price was right at the time, free, so I went ahead and downloaded the book.  As I write this, the ebook is currently selling for $4.77.  The book itself is very short but contains some worthwhile information.

There were a couple of things that I found in the pages that I might be able to do to earn a little bit of extra cash.  Then there were some that were not of any interest at all.  The first one that I have decided to give a shot is user testing through  Participants have the opportunity to perform usability testing for companies to give them feedback on how easy or difficult it is to navigate their websites.  Each test takes about 15 minutes or so to complete and the testers are paid $10 for their work.

I decided to sign up last night.  The first thing that I had to do was to perform a test assignment.  To do the testing and be a participant, you do need to have a microphone to attach to your computer.  You simply do the tasks and record your thoughts to give feedback as you navigate the sites.  I have already started to receive potential testing opportunities, but thus far have not met the demographics that the clients were looking for at the time.

Again, it is not going to be something that will get me to quit my day job, but if I can do a few jobs per week.  I was lucky enough to find the book while it was free, but $4.77 really isn't a lot to invest, especially if you can end up making $10 with just one usability test through
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