Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miss Spectacular

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about some of the people in my office that a friend and I had given nicknames because of habits that those folks have that happen to annoy the two of us.  To show that not everybody on our floor annoys us, I also mentioned another person on our floor that we refer to as Miss Spectacular.

As you can imagine, she has been dubbed as such because she is a very attractive woman.  At least I think so.  She actually reminds me of somebody by the name of Priya Anjali Rai.  Ms. Rai, is an actress of sorts.  I am not sure I want to admit this, but she is featured in films of, shall we say, an adult nature.  <Currently trying to find a safe for work of Ms Rai>

I know, right?  Anyway, I bring up Miss Spectacular because I have had a couple of run ins with her this week.  No, nothing bad or earth shattering.  It is just that our paths have crossed a couple of times and (at least in my juvenile guy mind) made me chuckle to myself.

Our floor is equipped with two network printers that also happen to be copiers.  The machine on my side of the floor has been out of order this week, so I have had to use the machine on the other side of the floor, which also happens to be the side of the floor where Miss Spectacular works. The machine is situated in a little alcove around the corner from a small hallway.

The first run in occurred when I went to pick up a print job off of the printer.  As I was leaving the alcove, she was coming around the corner and we were headed for a collision course.  If we had been automobiles, one of us would have t-boned the other.  My only thought was, "thank goodness she is equipped with airbags!" I know, totally inappropriate and juvenile, but funny.  (I'm a guy, I'm not that complicated)

Another incident occurred when I went to pick up another print job off of the machine.  She happened to be there making several copies.  Her back was to me as I was heading to the machine.  I was waiting patiently for her to finish making copies and stood silently.  She must not have heard my approach because when she turned around, I startled her.  I must move like a ninja.

Before you get the wrong idea, it wasn't like I was standing right over top of her when she turned around.  I was a good four or five feet behind her waiting patiently.  Of course I apologize for startling her, but I still thought it was kind of funny to hear her gasp when she turned around and saw me standing there.

It just goes to show that it take very little to amuse me.  Like I said, I am a guy and I am not that complicated.  And speaking of guys, come check out Dudewrite and check out blog posts from other bloggers who happen to be guys.
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  1. I worked with a girl who had no idea (or every idea in the world) the effect she had on us guys. She would often lean in behind me to look over my shoulder to get an idea of how to do something on the computer. She always smelled good and her voice was very soothing. She rarely dressed provocatively, so I can't say she was slutty or anything. She just had a way about her.


    1. Same here. She always wears slacks and a nice blouse. I have been alone in the elevator with her and she always wears just the right level of perfume, subtle enough that you just catch a whiff

  2. It's the 'gasp' that drives a man wild. If timed correctly, it can sound the exact same as the gasp your partner makes during sex. WOO!

    I had a coworker like that. Thanks to her, I learned that office relationships don't work. (although, getting a bj from her as she hid under my desk is something I'll remember forever)

    1. that does sound like a memorable event

  3. Yeah, I bet you want to t-bone her.

    1. I didn't say it would be a bad thing if it happened :-)

  4. Women often gasp when they turn around and see me there.

    But it is not a good gasp.



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