Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Connect and Reconnect

 Have you ever wanted to reconnect with a long lost friend or maybe a family member that you might have lost track of?  I know I have.  With so many different social networks out there it can be difficult to know where to start your search.

I can give you a few examples from my own searches in the past. A few years ago I wanted to reconnect with my two best friends from high school.  I found one through the LinkedIn professional networking site.  The other one found me through Facebook.  Together we found several other old friends through various networks.

Over the years, I have found some old friends and some long lost relatives through a variety of different social networks.  I have used LinkedIn to connect with old coworkers and others that I had done business with professionally.  Facebook has been a great source for old high school friends and old family members that I lost track of.

Still, there are still some folks that I have not been able to reconnect with in my previous searches.  What if there was a place where you could go and tie all of your various social network information and email addresses into one convenient location?  Now you can with

At, you can add all of your various social network feeds and email messages in one place and view without having to log into each of the various sites separately.  You can also search the site friends and family with whatever information you have available regarding their past jobs, school, or location.  It is a great help in reconnecting with people from your past.

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