Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall:Cooler and Darker

Have you noticed that it is starting to get dark a little earlier each day?  It has been much more noticeable for me when I am out driving around on Friday and Saturday nights for my part time pizza delivery gig.  I have to turn my headlights on much earlier in my shift than I was just a week or two ago.

In addition to it getting dark a little earlier each day, it is also starting to get a little more brisk temperature wise.  I have had to start breaking out the long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts.  The last two days, we have had low temperatures in the 40's at night and it is forecast to be in the 40's the rest of the week.  As I sit here this evening, I am considering fixing myself a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

To be perfectly honest, I don't mind the chill of an early fall.  In fact, I prefer the cooler weather to the oppressive heat of summer.  My way of thinking is that I can always put more clothes on to feel comfortable in the cool weather.  There is only so many clothes that you can take off in the summer, and even then you can be pretty uncomfortable.

While I like the cooler weather, I am not so jazzed up about it getting darker earlier.  Then, when you combine the shorter daylight hours with setting the clock back in a few weeks, it makes pizza delivery that much harder.  A lot of the house numbers that I deliver to are hard to read from the street because the street lights and house lights don't light the numbers very well.

It is when I have difficulty seeing some of these numbers that I end up having thoughts that might be a bit out of the ordinary.  I think it would be nice if some of these houses had some airport lighting to make it easier to see.  I mean if an airplane can see those lights, then it will help me to see the house numbers.  Who knows, with the Christmas holidays not that far away, maybe there will be some decorations put up similar to those put up by Tim Taylor in the Home Improvement television show.
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