Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I decided to take a little walk around my neighborhood to get a little exercise.  On my walk, I discovered some mushrooms growing on the side of the road.  One tip that I had read recently for improving your photographic technique is to try taking photos from a different perspective.  So rather than photographing these mushrooms from a standing or squatting position, I got down on my stomach to take the shot.

The photo was taken with my NikonD40x with an 18-55mm zoom lens set at a focal length of 19mm.  ISO was set at 100 with a shutter speed 1/100s and an aperature of f/5.

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  1. Great picture, but next time look for a mushroom with a purple caterpillar sitting on it smoking a hooka. Tell him I said hello.

    1. there may be some photoshop coming up on some of the pics I took that day



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